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The Anti-Challenge Begins February 1st

FIT3D Measurement Dates:

East Boca January 27th,28th,& 29th

West Boca January 30th, 31st, & Feb 1st.


It's a New Year and that means it's time to start another New Years' resolution fitness challenge. Or is it? This year we FLIP the idea of the fitness challenge on its head! the problem we've seen after years of running challenges is the mindset for most people tends to be temporary. They make great changes, get great results, and then it's back to life as usual. They fall right back into the bad habits that got them out of shape and unhealthy in the first place. THIS. STOPS. NOW! The goal with the anti-challenge is for you to absolutely transform your life FOREVER. Not just for 30-days.


You're probably wondering what the difference is...  Yes, it's a challenge. Yes, it's only 30-days and yes, you will get great results if you follow our program... The major difference will be your intention behind the challenge. Temporary vs. Everlasting. Quick-fix vs Permanent. Half-In vs. ALL-IN.

If you're looking for a quick fix. The anti-challenge isn't for you. However, If you're looking to make lasting change in your body and in your health, then you absolutely don't want to miss this life-altering event. Plus, we'll give you everything you need to succeed as well as track your results with the latest 3D Scanning technology!  


*Must be a member join this challenge.  


What you get:

  • Track your results with the latest 3D body scanning technology.

  • Healthy Recipe guide. 

  • Nutrition Workshop.

  • Online Coaching forum.

  • Outdoor workout challenge. 

  • Top Two Challengers  WIN $500! 

  • Register by January 24th and get entered for a chance to win a brand new iWatch 6! 

  • *Must be a member to join 

How it Works

Visualize Your Progress in 3D.

Literally see your body transform — detailed 3D scans, side-by-side comparisons, and body fat percentage allow you to see your progress like never before. *3D Scan must be completed at our East Boca Location.

*3D Scan must be completed at our East Boca Location.
Follow Our Recipe & Nutrition Guidelines.    
Our recipe ebook is loaded with proven healthy recipes that are guaranteed to deliver amazing results.                      
Schedule Your Workouts. 
There's nothing like the power of a challenge to get you motivated and back in control of your fitness journey. Schedule, attend classes, and get amazing results! 
Online Learning & Coaching
Complete educational modules that make it EASY for you to understand the challenge. Plus, ask questions and get answers in our online coaching forum for 24/7 support and motivation.  
Outdoor Workout Challenge
Join us for a fun and intense outdoor workout challenge that will push your fitness to the limit!
Get Amazing Results & Win $500!
In this challenge, everyone wins. But only the TOP TWO best transformations at each studio can claim the $500 grand prize! 


Be entered for a chance to win this Apple iWatch when you join by January 24th! A $409 value! 

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