21-Day Transformation Challenge

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21-Day Fitness Challenge.

Challenge Begins September 30


 Twenty-one days is the perfect amount of time to push yourself physically as well as adjust to a new fitness lifestyle without burning out. Our last 21-day challenge was a major success with some challengers losing up to 9 lbs of body fat while simultaneously gaining lean muscle! *Must be a member join this challenge. 


What you get:

  • Track your results with the latest 3D body scanning technology.

  • Healthy Recipe guide. 

  • Online Coaching forum.

  • Outdoor workout challenge. 

  • Top Male & Female WIN $500 Grand Prize!

  • *Must be a member to join 

How it Works

Visualize Your Progress in 3D.

Literally see your body transform — detailed 3D scans, side-by-side comparisons, and body fat percentage allow you to see your progress like never before. *3D Scan must be completed at our East Boca Location.

*3D Scan must be completed at our East Boca Location.
Follow Our Recipe & Nutrition Guidelines.    
Our recipe ebook is loaded with proven healthy recipes that are guaranteed to deliver amazing results.                      
Schedule Your Workouts. 
There's nothing like the power of a challenge to get you motivated and back in control of your fitness journey. Schedule, attend classes, and get amazing results! 
Online Learning & Coaching
Complete educational modules that make it EASY for you to understand the challenge. Plus, ask questions and get answers in our online coaching forum for 24/7 support and motivation.  
Outdoor Workout Challenge
Join us for a fun and intense outdoor workout challenge that will push your fitness to the limit! 
Get Amazing Results & Win $500!
In this challenge, everyone wins. But only the Top Male & Female can claim the $500 grand prize!